Advantages of erw steel pipe

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Advantages of ERW Steel Pipe

Frequency straight seam resistance welding steel is hot-rolled coil after molding machine, using high-frequency current skin effect and proximity effect, so that the edge of the tube is heated to melt under pressure welding squeeze rollers role to achieve production. 

Advantages of erw steel pipe
A) high dimensional accuracy. Welded seamless steel pipe diameter and wall thickness than the deviations smaller, and this is because the steel strip forming the pipe is easy to control, the high dimensional accuracy. 
B) good mechanical properties. Since the pipe is easy to control with a steel rolling, with the development of welding technology and on-line heat treatment technology, the weld properties can be controlled, so straight seam electric solder seamless steel pipe elongation higher than the 8% -10%, which is due to overcast straight seam welded pipe seamless low-carbon ratio of about 12%. 
C) high concentricity straight seam resistance welding steel pipe, uniform thickness. Weld after heat treatment, microstructure uniformity, with a strong ability to squeeze collapse. 
D) Because of the extension of the steel is good, straight seam welded pipe flattening test electrical sister better than seamless. 
E) ERW pipe toughness higher than seamless steel tubes. 
F) ERW pipe no welding dissimilar metals such as infiltration, and undergo a rigorous line heat treatment, welding performance and therefore consistent with the material properties.