Boiler pipe forming

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Boiler pipe forming

Boiler pipe forming: fin tube serpentine tube reaming welding

Industrial boilers occupy a very important position in the modern energy industry, is a major industrial power or production equipment. In order to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, using a steel pipe manufacturing boilers, increasing heating area. Thus, in the medium and low pressure boiler or high pressure boiler works, boiler pipe accounts for a great part, about 30% to 60% of boiler steel, used as boiler engineering stave pipes, economizer tubes, heat exchanger tubes convection tubes, superheater tubes, etc., used in locomotive boiler opium pipe, small pipe and so on.

Boiler tubes need take for a variety of molding in the boiler manufacture and installation process ; for example stave pipe in pipe welding corresponding sides made of slats or finned-tube, also known as "fin tubes." The tube heat exchanger tubes often need to be processed into a certain shape, like snake collectively "serpentine"; welding locomotive boiler header tubes, both ends need to be processed after reaming. Therefore, in order to detect boiler tube pipe processing technology performance, except for routine physical and chemical properties of the test, but still need to make the appropriate technology test.

The purpose of the test is to detect plasticity situation of boiler pipes in the process. Process test generally includes: upset test, bending test, necking test, flaring test, curling test and flattening test and so on.