Concrete filled steel tube

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Concrete Filled Steel Tube

Concrete filled steel tube is poured into the steel pipe and tamped to increase the strength and stiffness of steel. In general, we put concrete strength steel concrete C50 following as ordinary steel concrete; concrete strength CFT referred to above C50 high strength concrete pipe; concrete strength above CFT C100 called steel high strength concrete .

As we all know, high compressive strength of concrete. But bending capacity is weak, and steel, especially steel bending resistance strong, with good plasticity, but when pressed easily instability and loss of axial compression capability. The steel concrete structure can be combined with the advantages of both, can make concrete in the lateral compression state, the compressive strength can be doubled. At the same time due to the presence of concrete, improve the rigidity of the steel pipe, which together role, thus greatly improving the carrying capacity. As a new steel concrete composite structures, mainly in axial compression and compression forces eccentric smaller member-based, it is widely used in the frame structure (such as factories and high-rise). The rapid development of steel concrete structure due to its excellent mechanical performance and workability, manifested in the following aspects:
1, high capacity, ductility, superior seismic performance
2, construction convenient, greatly shorten the construction period
3, conducive to steel resistant to fire and fire

4, excellent corrosion resistance of steel

Pressure injection process

Clogged pipe flange gap - clean the tube dirt, wetting the wall - install head and valve injection pressure - internal pressure injection pipe concrete - vibrated concrete slurry from the discharge hole - nozzle valve closing pressure regulator - remove the complete pressure injection valve.