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Corrosion impact of spiral steel pipe

Spiral steel surface by high velocity and turbulence of the fluid-like impact, along with wear and corrosion damage was known corrosion and wear. Impact corrosion and wear is the primary form of corrosion. Spiral pipe fluid at high speed impact, protective film damage, break at the bare metal accelerate corrosion. If the fluid contains solid particles, spiral pipe corrosion and wear even more grim. Its surface is characterized by: Locality grooves, ripples, round-shaped valley and generally show directivity. Exposed to the fluid movement of equipment such as:, tees, valves, blowers, centrifuges, impellers, heat exchangers, exhaust duct, etc. can impact the onset of corrosion. Soft metals such as copper and lead more severe.

Spiral pipe impact corrosion-prone zone and preventive measures

The impact of corrosion attack more fluid changes in the direction of the site. Such as elbows, tees, cyclones, the container inlet tube relative to the location and. Condensers and heat exchangers at the inlet control fluid into the small opening by a large cross-section, the onset of turbulence in the pipe imported dozens mm often severe corrosion attack.

Avoid the impact of corrosion and wear resistance can choose better materials, such as Alloy 20 is better than 18/8, 90Cu / 10Ni than 70Cu / 30Ni (sea water), can also improve planning, environmental changes, or coating and cathodic protection.