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Crude steel production capacity only decreases but not increases

By 2025, the production capacity of key raw materials and bulk products such as crude steel and cement will only be reduced but not increased, and the capacity utilization rate will remain at a reasonable level. The comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel in the iron and steel industry decreased by 2%, the energy consumption per unit clinker of cement products decreased by 3.7%, and the carbon emission of electrolytic aluminum decreased by 5%.

Study and establish a restraint mechanism to curb the expansion of excess capacity by means of carbon emission, pollutant emission and total energy consumption. We will implement normal peak shifting production of cement and explore the establishment of peak shifting production mechanism in iron and steel industries. Implement energy conservation review and strictly control the fuel coal consumption of major coal consuming industries such as petrochemical industry, steel industry and building materials.

By 2025, the ability of raw material industry to guarantee and lead the high-quality development of manufacturing industry will be significantly enhanced; The growth rate of added value maintained a reasonable level, and its proportion in the manufacturing industry was basically stable; The scale of new material industry continues to increase, accounting for a significant increase in the proportion of raw material industry; Initially form an industrial development pattern with higher quality, better efficiency, better layout, greener and safer. By 2035, it will become a highland for R & D, production and application of important raw material products in the world, comprehensively improve the competitiveness of new material industry, and lead the world in green and low-carbon development level.