Difference between carbon steel pipe and seamless steel pipe

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Difference between Carbon Seel Pipe and Seamless Steel Pipe

Carbon steel contains a certain amount of carbon, as well as silicon and manganese without other alloying elements. Note where the silicon content is generally not more than 0.40%. In order to ensure that the chemical composition and mechanical properties of carbon steel pipe, we impurities such as sulfur and phosphorus content must be controlled at 0.035% or less. So as to produce high-quality carbon steel. Carbon steel is to rely on the carbon content of the adjustment to continue to strengthen the mechanical properties of carbon steel pipe, carbon steel pipe thus produced for different purposes, which are determined based on the carbon content. Some can be used in the manufacture of mechanical structures and architectural structures and zero transmission fluid pipes. Also used in agricultural irrigation and water conservancy projects, and versatile. 

The difference between carbon steel pipe and seamless steel pipe
1 seamless steel pipe manufacturing method is hot-rolled through the perforations without welds. Thermal processing of the tube is sometimes necessary after a further cold working, which is to give the corresponding shape and size. And after many rolled carbon steel pipe manufacturing generally circular, square, flat and other shapes. 

2 seamless steel pipe is the largest petrochemical production unit is now being used. The carbon steel pipe is more versatile. Carbon steel is the major requirement while its chemical composition is carbon content, seamless steel tubes are large species, refers to the seamless steel pipe, a wider scope.