Difference between zinc steel fence and stainless steel fence

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Difference between zinc steel fence and stainless steel fence

In recent years, zinc steel guardrails have been mentioned more and more times, and everyone has accepted this simple way of assembling guardrails. But when many people think of guardrails, most of the materials that they can think of are stainless steel materials, so who has the advantage compared with the two?

First: In terms of appearance, stainless steel is monotonous, and zinc steel guardrails can be sprayed with various colors that customers like.

Second: In terms of shape, stainless steel and iron art are both welded connections, and installation of magma solder joints is easy to break.Zinc steel is made by phosphating treatment and then spray-painted. It uses punching type, connection accessories and screw connections throughout the process. When installing, you only need to cut the material according to the size and connect the accessories.

Third: In terms of service life, iron art generally falls off in 3-5 years. Zinc steel is usually treated for about 10 years because of phosphating treatment.