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Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe in Chemical Fertilizer Industry

Fertilizer industry using domestic 0Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN aging enhanced duplex stainless steel pipe, the use of its wear and corrosion resistance, the main process for the urea plant pipeline a variety of specifications of the high-pressure valve. At present, the production of urea CO2 and NH3 gas extraction method are mostly high alloy austenitic stainless steel pipe, and even titanium, the domestic has begun in the large urea plant on the ammonium pump pump body using high-chromium duplex stainless steel instead 316L (urea grade) steel. Since the 1980s, Japan Dongyang Engineering Company developed ACES method urea new technology in the stripping tower, methyl ammonium condenser and high pressure decomposition tower three high-pressure equipment are used DP-12 (containing trace of tungsten and copper 25Cr-7Ni-3Mo -N steel) and R-5 (00Cr25Ni6.5Mo1.5N) duplex stainless steel. The former is used to manufacture airtight pipes, condensing tubes, decomposition tubes and conveying pipes, etc. The latter is used for the shell of high pressure equipment.
In addition, vigorously develop the dual-phase stainless steel industrial and civilian potential market (such as construction - structure, bridges, concrete with steel; such as manufacturing - containers, tanks, chemical transport ships, boats, tankers; Facilities such as low water tank, electric water heater, housing water vapor piping, etc.), and the development, trial and promotion of foreign development and suitable for China's national conditions (lack of nickel and chromium) of some new varieties (such as low-nickel-saving duplex stainless steel), believe that China promotion of duplex stainless steel pipe has a very broad application prospects.