Highlights the Opportunity for Steel E-commerce to Develop

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Highlights the Opportunity for Steel E-commerce to Develop

In traditional steel trade, there is information asymmetry, the price is not transparent, slow velocity and high operating risk, more and more difficult to adapt to the economic development of new forms. Against this background, the steel E-commerce companies were born and developed rapidly. Shinestar Group comply with development trend, has achieved initial success, LSAW steel pipe, Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other products sold by leaps and bounds.


Steel E-commerce is a kind of new trading patterns, with the characteristics of convenient trading, price transparency, capital safety and can save steel logistics costs, improve the operational efficiency of enterprises, could solve the disadvantages of traditional steel trade  In spite of the rapid development of steel E-commerce in China, there are many problems in the development of the steel E-commerce.


Firstly, there is a single, homogeneous competition. The kind of steel is complex, trading activity is different, the steel E-business to make hot style, generally result in duplication of investment construction, homogenized competition is intense.


Secondly, the credibility is not high. Because of the lack of management, the steel E-business can't handle the dispute properly, and the credibility of the platform is being questioned. Some platforms still have the phenomenon of false trading and bidding up the price, the market needs to be regulated.


Finally, there is an obvious locality. At present,E-commerce platform still service an area, coverage is limited, even foreign steel mills and the circulation enterprises are rejected,  limitations is strong.


In view of these problems, in future we should  improved and improved from two aspects:platform construction and external environment. In the area of platform construction, we should improve the credibility of the platform, ensure the safety of money, break the geographical limit and extend the processing and distribution services. In the external environment, we should increase the publicity and gradually change the traditional trade way in the industry.


in the view of Shinestar Group,the essence of the commodity B2B ecommerce platform is to provide services,  which must be fully process-full of value for customers. The core competency of the steel E-commerce platform is the creation of value and scale. Steel E-commerce only to  reduce labor costs and reduce the effects of various kinds of man-made factors, enhance the efficiency of management and create value for customers, to have development space.


In addition, the steel E-business man need to have an Internet mindset, and they can form mass operations through aggregation. To achieve these goals, the platform itself must have sufficient strength, this strength is not only capital level, more important is information level and resource channel level, and technical aspects.


In future, Shinestar Group will be in a wide range of information users and on the basis of abundant market channels, enhance the strength of technology, independent research and development, realize "technology + application" one pace reachs the designated position, produce a better spiral steel pipe, structural steel pipe, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other products, finally to realize the marketing model and management efficiency of enterprises to upgrade.