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How to Drill Galvanized Steel Pipe

Differed from the API steel pipe, the galvanized steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe in nature with a zinc layer. Therefore, drilling a galvanized steel pipe is generally the same as drilling into a API steel pipe. However, there is no protection zinc layer on the drilled hole, so it may rust. Thus, the extra corrosion resistant measures should be taken. First, you should put on protection glasses to make your eyes safe. Make a sign on the center of the galvanized steel pipe where you will drill a hole later. Put the center punch towards the center of the galvanized steel pipe. And then strike center punch with the aid of the hammer to make a pit as the center sign. Thus, the sign will not be disappeared. Utilize the right size drill bits in accordance with different holes of the galvanized steel pipe. If you want to drill a large diameter into the galvanized steel pipe, you need to use a smaller drill bit first to as a leading for latter drilling. Thus, the drilling will be accurate and efficient.

In the process of drilling galvanized steel pipe which is unlike the API steel pipe, there will be friction and spark appearing. That is the reason way we should put on the protection glasses first. And in order to reduce this friction, you can use cutting fluid, which is sprayed on the drill bit to lessen the friction and protect your drill bit from being blunt. And then adjust the drill bit, putting it just towards the center signed on the galvanized steel pipe instead of the API steel pipe.

Put forth your strength on the drill and press the trigger to start drilling a hole on the galvanized steel pipe. If you find the drill bit is a little bit too hot, you can use the trigger on the drill motor to control the drill speed in the process of drilling a hole. Reduce the strength that you have on the drill motor when you are close to the discharge gate of the hole. Eliminate the bur of both sides of the hole of the galvanized steel pipe with the help of the grinder and clear up the nearby of the hole, such as dirt and metal filings.

Sway the spray can for one minute to fully make the liquids in the can blended. What this spray can have is the cold galvanizing. Put off the hat of the spray can. The distance between the spray can and the surface of the galvanized steel pip which is different from the API steel pipe should be 8-15 inches. The function of the cold galvanizing is to cover a thin protection layer on the hole as well as the nearby of the drilled hole. And keep in mind that there is another hole on the opposite end of the galvanized steel pipe, which needs the cold galvanizing as well. Thus, repeat the above processes on the other side of the galvanized steel pipe.