Issues to be noted when buying steel pipes

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Issues to be noted when buying steel pipes

1) The wall thickness of the steel pipe is not enough. The gate end of the steel pipe is thicker with a hammer shield, but it will be exposed when measured with an instrument.

2) Use a straight seam to act as a seamless steel pipe. There are fewer straight seam welds and a longitudinal weld seam is used. The entire steel pipe is polished by a machine, commonly known as polishing. It looks like a seamless seam without gaps.

3) Now there is a more sophisticated method is seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe is thermal expansion steel pipe. After the expansion, there are lead powder inside, and there are also traces of burning outside. The weld seam is also invisible. Many larger steel pipes use this steel pipe as a seamless to sell.

4) Girth welded straight seam steel pipes use polishing to replace straight seam steel pipes.