LSAW steel pipe for gas pipeline

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LSAW steel pipe for gas pipeline

LSAW steel pipe for gas pipeline

Oil and Gas pipeline for national country projects in all of the world .

Our manufacturing of Double Submerged Arc Welded Pipe involves first
 forming steel plates into cylindrical shapes. Then the edges of the rolled plate are 
formed so that V-shaped grooves are formed on the interior and exterior surfaces at the 
location of the seam. The pipe seam would then be welded by a single pass of
 an arc welder on the interior and exterior surfaces. The welding arc is submerged 
under flux. What can be known as an advantage of this process is that welds would
 penetrate 100% of the pipe wall and produce a very strong bond of the pipe.


LSAW steel pile used in many applications such as Pipe Piling, Fabrication, 
Utility & Oil, Sign Poles, Offshore Drilling and Production, Road Casing, Road Boring,
 Culverts and many more construction uses. 

Size range: 16 " nominal through 60 "OD

Wall Thickness up through 2 " thick

Specifications & Grades:

API 5LB & X-Grades through X-80

SA-53 Grade B