Length dimension of seamless steel pipe

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Length dimension of seamless steel pipe

Steel pipe is the most basic dimensions of the various dimensions of the length of the steel refers to steel length, width, height, diameter, radius, diameter, outside diameter and wall thickness of equal length. Legal units of measurement is the length of steel meters (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm). In the current habits, but also useful inches (") represented, but it is not legal units of measurement.

1. Scope steel Length

It is an effective measure to save material. Length is the length range or length by width is not less than a certain size, or length, long by wide delivery from number to number size range. Production units can press size requirements for production supply.

2. Typically length

Where the product dimensions (length or width), within the standard range, but without requiring a fixed size called not length. Not generally known as random length length (through feet). By not length delivery metallic material, as long as delivery can be within a predetermined length.

3. Length

Orders which require a fixed size called cut length. When delivered by length, the cross-metallic materials must have a demand-side specified in the contract length.

4. Double length

Ordering a fixed size requirements into an integer multiple of times called foot. When you press double length delivery, the length of the metal material for the demand side of the post must be specified in the contract length (called haplotypes feet) of integer multiples (plus kerf).

5. Short foot

Standard length is less than the specified lower limit is not definite length, but not less than the minimum allowed length is called short feet.

6. Narrow feet

Length width width of not less than the lower limit of the standard, but not less than the allowable called narrow foot narrowest width. When you press the narrow foot delivery, we must pay attention to the standards prescribed proportion and scale narrow narrowest feet.

7. Gauging

According to the theory is the measured mass of the tube formula to measure the weight of the steel pipe.