Notes of spiral pipe in production

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Notes of spiral pipe in production

Notes of spiral pipe in production

1: Oiled road marking: the inspection and approval of oiled coils were used to prevent corrosion, and marking according to customer requirements.

2: Milling flattened: Using anvil machine original crimped steel leveling, and then through the edge milling machine for two-sided steel mill, so as to meet the requirements of the plate width, plate edge parallel and slope mouth shape.

3: Shearing and forming: the steel plate along the outer edge of the spiral curled into a tube.

4: Butt cut: using double-sided submerged arc welding technology for pre-welding, welding inside and outside welding. The welded steel pipe cut to specification using a plasma-foot length.

5: Visual inspection: the professional and technical personnel to some of the basic parameters to be checked.

6: Ultrasonic testing: internal and external sides of the base metal and weld seam 100% inspection.

7: X-ray detection: internal and external weld 100% of the X-ray industry TV inspection, using an image processing system to ensure detection sensitivity.

8: Pressure test: On the steel pipe hydrostatic testing machine by the root test to ensure that the test pressure pipe meet the required standards.

9: chamfered flat: the spiral steel pipe inspection carried out after the end of the process, to reach the pipe end beveling size requirements.