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Progress in production technology of hot rolled seamless steel pipe

The production technology of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe has gradually matured and has been widely popularized and applied. At present, hot rolling process is mostly used in many seamless steel pipe manufacturers. With the development of the times and the progress of technology, some new equipment is gradually developed and applied to the production process of hot rolled seamless steel pipe, so as to improve the hot rolling quality of seamless steel pipe and promote the continuous development of its process.

1. Compact stop mandrel mill
The compact stop mandrel mill represented by five stand min MPM continuous rolling mill is gradually applied to the hot rolling production system of seamless steel pipe. The elongation coefficient of the five stand min MPM continuous pipe mill is 3.8 and the elongation coefficient of the conical roll piercer is 3.2, which can effectively reduce the wall thickness deviation of the steel pipe in the production process, so that the integrity of the steel pipe streamline is good and the thickness deviation of the steel pipe is small, which is conducive to the subsequent work treatment.

2. Vertical piercer
In the production process of seamless steel pipe, due to the needs of production, the long pipe blank is heated in the heating process, the high-speed saw is used in the pipe rolling process, and the vertical piercer is often used for perforation. The vertical piercer is a compact cone-shaped roll piercer. Its rolls are arranged vertically and the guide plate or guide plate is arranged horizontally, which not only saves the working space, but also avoids the wear, scratch and other damage caused by machinery to the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe.

3. Continuous pipe mill PQF
PQF rolling mill is a very important equipment in seamless steel pipe production at present. It belongs to three roll adjustable mandrel limited continuous rolling mill. It adopts the roll pass design with small linear speed difference between the bottom and edge of roll pass and relatively closed pass design, so that the metal deformation is uniform in the production process, the transverse flow of metal steel pipe is small in the production process, and the quality of ground wall thickness can be improved, The inner and outer surface smoothness of the tube is well controlled; The rolling quality is relatively high in mechanical impact; Moreover, the pipe section cutting loss caused by rolling process is small, which improves the utilization rate of metal and reduces the waste of resources.

4. Modern inclined hole expander NRE
In the production process of modern oblique hole expanding mill NRE formed and developed based on the principle of cross rolling, the expanded steel pipe has high dimensional accuracy, uniform metallographic structure, strong mechanical properties, a wide range of rolled products and good product quality.