Reason of seamless steel pipe wall thickness deviation in production

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Reason of seamless steel pipe wall thickness deviation in production

The reason of seamless steel pipe wall thickness deviation in production mainly reflected in some ways:

Process of punch hole deviation

Since puncher in the head with a perforated plunger between the first support frame centering rollers cantilever structure is formed, so that the head during piercing irregular beating, so the head will be uneven force within the tube, causing the wall thickness deviation generated.

Manufacturing precision equipment and structures

Since the stability of the perforator roll and the guide plate is poor, so that the device generates a large jump in the perforation and have an impact of the tube thickness of the device manufacturer; old structure and centering rollers on the roller is generally because the lower roller is not an institution drive, so the centering rollers, its center at the time of the actual installation and adjustment, the theory is not easy to pinpoint the center generated when the plunger hold three centering rollers, so that it will result in the perforated top radial centering rollers hold the rod being produced uneven stress, poor stability, causing the wall to produce deviations.

Tube of the heating process

Heating tube is very important, if the heating tube billet is heated unevenly, it will produce yin surface discontinuity such that the perforator is offset occurs plug during piercing, resulting in the low temperature side capillary wall thickness of the thin wall high temperature.

The tube cutting

Quality tube cutting rates will also have a significant impact on the pipe wall thickness deviation, because the use of shears cutting knife edge quality is not high, sings like a horse section generated more serious moments of piercing machine head bite slide into the produce section, as well as causing eccentric produce thickness deviation.