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Stainless Steel Pipe Production Technology and Process Characteristics

Stainless steel round bar (≤40mm stick) using the formula Morgan Cox 45 ° two-roll or three-roll (Y-type). continuous rolling mill production process. General Specifications is 5.5 ~ 40mm coil. Finishing speed is 50 ~ 60m / s (ferritic stainless steel) or 70 ~ 60m / s (austenitic stainless steel). Due to adopting no reverse rolling, the surface quality of stainless steel round bar products is smooth, high dimensional accuracy. Production of steel, 20mm wire rod diameter deviation can reach ± 0.1mm, & oslash; 40mm bar can reach ± 0.2mm, the disk weight may reach 2t. Specific production process steps: billet preparation, heating, descaling, roughing, cutting head, the rolling, cutting head, finishing, coiling, heat treatment, pickling, human library.