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Energy Saving and Environmental Protection "Technology in Steel Making"

Energy conservation and environmental protection is important in development. International invasion of industrial steel industry introduction huge capital, Shinestar holdings group will take action to support this politic by produce more DSAW steel pipe, helical steel pipe, 3pe antiseptic spiral pipe, large diameter spiral pipe, flattened plate etc Products.
In recent years, some new technology energy-saving and environmental protection  not only can improve quality and productivity, but also effect in energy saving and environmental protection, for example:

1. KT technology for steelmaking
KosterTechnology (KT) injection system includes: (1) KT oxygen lance - KT oxygen lance installed in the molten pool above the slag line position, the melting process as a burner, refined into a speed of 2.5 Mach supersonic oxygen injector. (2) KT toner injector - also installed in the location of the slag line, into the slag of the toner can reduce the wear of refractory lining, improve the quality of slag foaming and improve the arc heat transfer effect. (3) KT multi-purpose burner - can be used for scrap and melting the initial and late secondary combustion. At present, more than 250 sets of the system has been installed and used in more than 20 countries around the world.

2. EFSOP technology for steelmaking
EFSOP technology consists of water-cooled probe, gas analysis system, monitoring and data processing system and real-time online secondary combustion control system composed of the furnace exhaust gas for uninterrupted detection. This technology improves chemical efficiency, reduces conversion costs, and improves safety by process control of continuous analysis of electric furnaces.

3.FlexyTech heating furnace system for hot rolling
The system includes FlexyTech burners, newly designed air and gas systems, and newly designed ignition systems. FlewTech burners are able to control the flame shape (length and volume) in a wide range, and its nitrogen oxides are extremely low, much lower than the German environmental regulations, only five points for the best conventional industrial heating furnace emissions is a very valuable environmentally friendly technology.

4.insoluble anode tinning technology
The basic principle of this new process is that the tin particles are oxidized in saturated pure oxygen electrolytes to strengthen the oxidation rate of the metal tin by the acidity formed at the insoluble anode in the tank and to restore the two tin molecules deposited on the sheet , Thus re-achieving the quality balance. It can control the amount of sludge sediment to a minimum and reduce the loss of tin. Tests show that sludge deposition and tin loss can be controlled below 4%.

This new tin plating process has been successful in Siderar's tin scale line trials, and has also been studied by a large number of experiments on the mechanism of interaction between various parameters.

Shinestar think that we should attach great importance to these technologies. We will continue to introduce advanced technology and equipment to produce more high-quality spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, 3pe anticorrosive spiral pipe, large diameter spiral pipe, open flat and other carbon steel pipe, environmental action in the end.