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The importance of Eddy current test and Hydrostatic pressure test to steel pipes

Do you know almost all of the steel pipe products are need to pass the Eddy current testing or Hydrostatic pressure test? And how important of Eddy current test and Hydrostatic pressure test to steel pipes? Today, Great Steel Pipe is sharing the effect of these two tests.

Hydrostatic testing and Eddy current testing are most common procedure used to qualify newly manufactured cylinders, spheres and tubes used for the transportation of dangerous products. Through these two tests, we could find cracks, folding, pits, inclusions, osteoporosis and other surfaces and near surface defects determine the location and defects size of tubes. The eddy current test it has been widely used in welding pipe and seamless tube inspection, and have many advanced properties for “seamless” welding pipe inspection. As we know the seamless steel pipe is widely use for conveying the high-pressure fluid, if the seamless steel pipe without through the test, the defects will affect the use of it, and it has a possible to cause a leak or explosion.