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The introduction of API 5L steel pipe

API 5L is a common standard of steel pipes, it is widely used to specify the type of welded or seamless steel pipe needed. Today, Great Steel Pipe will make a brief introduction of API 5L steel pipes.

API 5L pipes are used in pipeline transportation systems for petroleum and natural gas. This pipe is offered in seamless and welded in order to meet the particular challenges of all the transmission environments. API 5L is suitable for conveying either gas, water, and oil. The size range of API 5L tends to be limited to only what the manufacturer is capable to do. The API 5L offers many benefits such as they are preferred in long pipelines due to the cheap cost, and the pipeline steel is very resistant to crack or leaking. API 5L steel pipe comes in a variety of wall thicknesses and it is manufactured domestically, to order, to meet customer’s particular application requirements. The client may request API 5L based on the application that they are going to use the pipe for.