Thermal expansion pipe

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Thermal Expansion Pipe

Thermal expansion pipe means that density is relatively low but strong contraction of steel, (seamless pipe) can be referred to as thermal expansion. Expand by cross rolling method or methods of pipe diameter drawing a blank pipe finishing processes. In a short period of time for the steel thickening, which can produce non-standard, special types of seamless pipe, and low cost, high production efficiency, the development trend of international rolling fields currently. 

Thermal expansion pipe adopted two-step pusher set interchanged cone die hole enlargement technology, digital intermediate frequency induction heating technology, hydraulic technology in one machine, with its reasonable process, lower energy consumption, lower capital investment, good product quality, a wide range of raw materials and product specifications applicability, flexible variable low-input production batch adaptability, replace the steel industry, the traditional dial-type pull expanding technology. 

Thermal expansion pipe production process: hollow base material without continuous rolling mandrel. In ensuring the quality of the premise of the mother pipe welding, pipe tension reducing the overall process is the pipe is heated to 950 degrees Celsius, and then stretch reducing mill (Stretch Reducing Machine has 24 times) rolled into a variety of outside diameter and wall thickness of the finished tube, using this technology produced by thermal expansion of the high-frequency welded steel pipe and ordinary are essentially different, furnace heated by the microstructure and mechanical properties of the weld and the parent can achieve exactly the same Additionally, through a multi-passes stretch reducing mill makes steel rolling and automatic control of dimensional accuracy (especially the tube wall thickness and roundness accuracy) than similar seamless. Developed countries produced fluid tubes, boiler tubes have been widely adopted in the process of seamless pipe.