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What kind of seamless steel pipe should we choose for oil drilling?

Nowadays, the people all over the world are concern about the new energy development, but the oil is still the world's most important energy, its use is very extensive, a lot of equipment need to use oil to operate. Such as cars, aircraft, generators that we often use and so on. If there is no oil, then our life will be a very big change. So the oil drilling is carried out in the uninterrupted till now. But do you know what kind of seamless steel pipe should be used to oil drilling?


In the oil drilling time, thick-walled seamless steel pipe is widely used. I guess there are many people  will be puzzled, thick-walled seamless steel pipe is hollow, its strength should be small, why do not use of solid steel column? Indeed, the solid steel column compared to thick-walled seamless steel pipe, its strength is much higher. However, the strength of thick-walled seamless steel tubes is also very strong, and the weight is lighter than the solid steel column. The most advantage of it is that the vibration is very small. After all, thick-walled seamless steel pipe is hollow, in the drilling time, it can be a good transfer impact force, so that the drill to maintain a smooth, for oil drilling, is the best choice.