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Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is one of the largest Carbon Steel Pipe Manufacturers in China. We have been an important part of the growth and development of the Chinese market and quality exports. We manufacture ASTM A106 Carbon Steel Pipes in various sizes, shapes and different specifications as per the requirements of our valued clients. Carbon steel seamless pipe has very high corrosion resistance and often becomes more cost-effective. The CS pipes we supply are world-renowned for their reliability and quality.

ASTM A106 Carbon Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel A53 Pipe, Carbon Steel Welded Pipe, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe China Supplier

Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd is a leading carbon steel pipe manufacturer in China. Carbon steel pipes are available in various types such as Seamless/ERW/Welded/Fabricated/LSAW pipes. They are also available in various forms such as round, square, rectangular, hydraulic and many more. ASTM A333 carbon steel pipe sizes range from 1/8″NB to 30″NB IN. We have a professional team to maintain quality throughout the entire manufacturing and supply process of carbon steel seamless pipes and other products, that is, selecting high-quality raw materials, processing into finished products, marking, storing, packaging and shipping. We also supply stainless steel tubing, other materials and grades are also available.

Application of Carbon Steel Pipe:


Carbon steel pipes are widely used in various industries due to their superior strength, durability and cost-effectiveness. They are commonly used in the transportation of fluids and gases such as water, oil and gas.


1. Oil and natural gas industry: Carbon steel pipe is an important pipeline material for transporting oil and natural gas, with high strength, reliability and corrosion resistance.
2. Construction and structural engineering: Carbon steel pipes are used in construction and structural engineering, such as bridges, high-rise buildings, roads and tunnels, etc., to support and transmit loads.
3. Automobile manufacturing industry: Carbon steel pipes are used in exhaust pipes, frame and chassis and other components in the automobile manufacturing industry, and have good wear resistance and strength.
4. Mechanical engineering: Carbon steel pipes are used in conveying systems, pressure vessels, hydraulic systems and other components in mechanical engineering, and have pressure bearing capacity and reliability.
5. Chemical industry: Carbon steel pipes are used in the chemical industry for conveying systems, reactors, storage tanks and other components, with corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.


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