China's most trusted manufacturers of Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes.


From the depths of the ocean to the outer reaches of the atmosphere - with a reputation for high-quality products, engineering innovation, and great customer service, Hunan Great Steel Pipes components are used across a range of global industries.

Hunan Great Project Experience
The following are typical of the industrial and resource market segments and project customers where Hunan Great has built up its project experience in International:

  • Oil and Gas Projects

    Oil and Gas Projects

    The oil and gas sector is a principal market for Hunan Great Steel Pipes and it’s one where we have extensive experience in product design and innovation. We have a proven track record of supplying tubes that meet the industry’s strict quality and safety requirements and...
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  • Architectural & Construction Projects

    Architectural & Construction Projects

    Stainless steel products used for construction projects. With concrete poured into tubing body as support foundation fo construction. To facilitate project consultation with the customer, we typically organize the workflow involved in project communication based on our e...
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  • Ship Industry Projects

    Ship Industry Projects

    Demand and Prospects of Stainless Steel Products in Shipbuilding Industry Stainless steel is used in the construction of ordinary cargo ships.The main materials are salt and acid-resistant piping, including pumps and valves, as well as some ship decorations and fittings,...
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  • Other Projects

    Other Projects

    Stainless steel products are also widely used in high-temperature applications, medical devices, building materials, chemistry, food industry, agriculture, ship components. It also applies to food, beverage packaging, kitchen supplies, trains, aircraft, conveyor belts, v...
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An all-encompassing Project Service provided by Hunan Great

The demand of supplying product and services to a project are very different from those of the typical customer in the everyday industry. Usually, a project is in a construction or closed down maintenance phase where supply on time and in good order is absolutely essential to the building program. There are usually a series of hurdles that must be right for the project supplier to achieve the time frame required by the Project Manager. Typically, these include:

Supply – The right product sourced from a quality and reliable mill is paramount to a successful project supply.

Logistics – Coordination to ensure the product arrives on time.

Warehousing – In many project supply situations, the Project Manager required the product to be supplied to a third-party fabricator who often drawdown from warehouse storage to meet a fabrication program.

Management – The success of a project supplier is only as good as the people who manage the project and the support that they receive from within their company to provide the services required to make it happen.

Technical support – Being at the forefront of specialty metals with the knowledge and know-how to understand steel qualities, as well as limitations, can assist Project Managers to make well-informed decisions.

Response when it goes wrong – It is rare that a project supply will not have some change or disruption to supply. This could range from shipping delays to changes in the building program. These occurrences usually test the skills and resources of the project supplier and their ability to respond is a key measure to how well they can manage and meet the needs of the Project Manager.

Hunan Great recognizes these critical aspects required to be a successful project supplier and has structured its business over the years to deliver against it.