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Stainless Steel Tube For Heat Exchanger

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Stainless Steel Condenser Tubes:
Grades:304, 304L 304H 304N 304LN, 316, 316L 316Ti 316N, 316LN, 321 321H, 310S 310H, 309S, 317, 317L 347 347H
Manufacturing Type:Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / CDW / CDS / DOM / CEW / 100% X Ray Welded
ASTM Specificatio:ASTM A213, ASTM A269, ASTM A312
Delivery Condition:Annealed and Pickled (AP), Polished, Bright Annealed (BA), Cold Drawn, MF
Processing Service:Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Punching, Cutting, Moulding

Stainless Steel Seamless Heat Exchanger Tubes:
Outside Diameter:6.00 mm to 101.40 mm
Wall Thickness:0.89 mm to 6.00 mm
Grades:TP-304, 304L, 304H, 304N, 304LN 316, 316L, 316H, 316Ti, 316N, 316LN, 310, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H
UNS S 31260, 31500, 31803, 32205, 32304, 32750, 32760,TP- 405, 410
Specifications:ASTM, ASME, DIN EN, JIS ( JAPAN ), NF ( AFNOR )
Length:Up to 30mtr long

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Introduction of Stainless Steel Tubes For Condensers:

The design of a Condenser tube is to condense process fluid out of the outside of the tube in the most efficient manner possible. The utility of Shell And Tube Condenser Stainless Steel is primarily suited to applications involving heat exchangers. In heat exchangers, there are several secondary operations where the SS Condenser Tubing is suited to be used. For instance, these tubes are used as a part of an evaporator and condenser refrigeration cycle in a chiller, right up to being used to condense steam in surface condensers.The main functions of a condenser are to de-superheat, condense, and subcool.

Introduction of Stainless Steel Tubes For Heat Exchangers:

A heat exchanger tube is a component of a heat exchanger that is responsible for transferring heat between two fluids. It is typically a long, hollow tube made of a highly conductive material such as metal, often stainless steel or copper. The purpose of the heat exchanger tube is to allow for the efficient exchange of thermal energy between the two fluids without any mixing or direct contact between them. One fluid flows inside the tube, while the second fluid flows around the outside of the tube. As the two fluids pass each other, heat is transferred from the hotter fluid to the cooler fluid through the walls of the tube. Heat exchanger tubes are widely used in various industrial applications for heating, cooling, or condensing fluids.


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    Outside Diameter Thickness Length
    <25.4mm ±0.10mm ±10% OD<50.8mm +3.0mm-0mmOD≥50.8mm +5.0mm-0mm
    ≥25.4~38.1mm ±0.15mm
    ≥38.1~50.8mm ±0.20mm
    250.8~63.5mm ±0.25mm
    263.5~76.2mm ±0.30mm
    ≥76.2~101.6mm ±0.38mm
    ≥101.6~190.5mm +0.38mm -0.64mm
    ≥190.5~228.6mm +0.38mm-1.14mm


    Outside Diameter Thickness Length
    <38.1mm ±0.13mm OD<12.7mm±15%0D≥12.7mm±10% OD<38.1mm +3.2mm-0mmOD≥38.1mm +4.8mm-0mm
    ≥38.1mm~88.9mm ±0.25mm
    ≥88.9mm~139.7mm ±0.38mm
    ≥139.7mm~203.2mm ±0.76mm
    ≥203.2mm~304.8mm ±1.01mm
    ≥304.8mm~355.6mm ±1.26mm

    Standard Size range of Stainless Steel Condenser Tubing

    Sizes in Inches Sizes in Decimal Sizes in mm
    1/16″ 0.0625 1.59 mm
    1/8″ 0.125 3.18 mm
    3/16″ 0.1875 4.76 mm
    1/4″ 0.25 6.35 mm
    5/16″ 0.3125 7.94 mm
    3/8″ 0.375 9.53 mm
    7/16″ 0.4375 11.11 mm
     1/2″ 0.5 12.70 mm
     9/16″ 0.5625 14.29 mm
    5/8″ 0.625 15.88 mm
     11/16″ 0.6875 17.46 mm
     3/4″ 0.75 19.05 mm
    13/16″ 0.8125 20.64 mm
    7/8″ 0.875 22.23 mm
    15/16″ 0.9375 23.81 mm
    1″ 1 25.40 mm
    1 1/4″ 1.25 31.75 mm
    1 1/2″ 1.5 38.10 mm
    2″ 2 50.80 mm

    Heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat between a solid object and a fluid, or between two or more fluids in different temperature, transfer heating from higher temperature fluid to lower temperature object to make fluid temperature to specified requirement, for stainless steel grades, there are shell and tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchangers, plate and shell heat exchanger and other heat exchanger, tube heat exchanger consists of a number of tubes inside bundle and sheet, widely used in many industries.

    •Space heating
    •Air conditioning
    •Power stations
    •Phemical plants
    •Petrochemical plants
    •Petroleum refineries
    •Natural-gas processing
    •Wine and beer making

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