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Hunan Great withstood the pressure of the epidemic and marched forward bravely

Against the background of the global epidemic, the survival of many companies is facing great challenges. As a large foreign trade enterprise, Hunan Great still insists on development and survives tenaciously. Almost every day, goods are shipped to all parts of the world. The products we produce are unanimously recognized by the vast number of users worldwide. The following is the seamless pipe we just produced. After the inspection, we will arrange to ship them to an oil project in Peru.


Hunan Great was founded in 1993, located in China. The group has more than 200 employees. With a history of more than 29 years, Hunan Great has accumulated a lot of production experience and project cooperation experience. We will insist on providing the best service for customers with our best efforts, so that our products can be applied in more fields.


Post time: Aug-31-2022