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Microstructure and Properties of Hot-rolled Seamless Steel Pipe

At present, domestic steel producers face enormous challenges seamless steel overcapacity, have to adjust product structure, eliminate backward production capacity and research and development of high-quality products. Experimental studies have shown: the implementation of control of the cooling process can be controlled phase transformation processes, grain refinement, thus improving the mechanical properties of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production in the cooling process. Therefore, the study changes of microstructure and properties of steel under different cooling system after hot rolling seamless steel pipe to carry great significance and value. Because of seamless steel pipe having a larger cross-sectional dimensions and specifications outline the scope of the change, making it the control and implementation of online heat treatment faced by many variables, such that controlled cooling technology implementation and application in the production of seamless steel pipe has been greatly constrained.

In order to achieve seamless steel pipe production process in a given (minus) controlled cooling after straightening path before the research organization of the mechanical properties of the steel pipe on the 20th variation of the cooling process after rolling by numerical simulation. Firstly, Test Method for Determining steel probe temperature curve at different cooling medium conditions, calculated relationship between steel probe cooling process of heat transfer coefficient and the temperature of the workpiece according to the basic principles of anti-heat method. Then, using the finite difference method to establish a steel cooling temperature field, phase transformation and force can predict system performance, analyzes the state of the organization and mechanical properties under different conditions of cooling tubes. Finally, test analysis steel air cooling process, the temperature data measured at different times and mechanical properties of cold steel, the calculation results are in good agreement with the measured data. The results can achieve seamless steel tubes controlled cooling to provide basic data.

Post time: May-25-2023