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Straight Seam Steel Pipe Processing Methods

1. Steel casting: Use forging hammer the reciprocating impact force or press pressure to the billet into a pressure change we desired shape and dimensions plus work approach.

2. Kneading: the steel metal placed in closed kneading Jane, applying pressure at one end of the metal is extruded from the die hole in the rules obtained had the same shape and dimensions of the products processing approach used for the production of non-ferrous metals sheet steel.

3. Rolling: the metal blank of steel through the gap (of various shapes) a pair of rotating rollers, due to roll crunch reduced cross-sectional data, the length of the added pressure processing approach.

4. Pullout steel: is now rolled metal blank (type tube, products, etc.) through a die orifice dial into reduced cross-section length of the pull-added processing approach used mostly cold.

Post time: May-23-2023