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What are the precautions for the construction of polyurethane direct buried pipes?

With the development of the pipeline industry, new materials are gradually listed in the market. As an efficient product in the thermal insulation industry, the polyurethane direct-buried thermal insulation pipe has excellent thermal insulation characteristics and efficient work efficiency. It is widely used by people and has also been recognized by users. Which type of polyurethane thermal insulation pipe is used as a directly buried pipe? It is necessary to do a good job of safety during construction, and the precautions during construction are also extremely important. Below, I am a polyurethane directly buried thermal insulation pipe.

When starting the construction of the polyurethane direct-buried insulation pipe, the flatness of the groove and the dryness of the bottom of the groove should be checked first, and 200mm thick fine sand should be supplied as a cushion at the same time, and the two ends of the polyurethane direct-buried insulation pipe should also be used. Shrouded in fine sand. This is for the convenience of construction and the safety of polyurethane insulation pipes.

Mainly after the polyurethane insulation pipe is installed, the water pressure test should be carried out. After passing the water pressure test, the interface foaming treatment may be carried out. During the time of the interface foaming treatment, the oral cleaning of the interface steel pipe should be guaranteed. This is to lift the height. The safety of polyurethane insulation pipes.

Later, when the polyurethane insulation pipe enters the building or the trench, it should be added through the wall casing to ensure the safety of the pipeline. Of course, the installation of polyurethane insulation pipe is convenient, but some precautions are the key to improving the safety of the pipeline, so you must pay attention to this kind of work when installing the polyurethane insulation pipe.

Post time: Oct-18-2022