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Stainless Steel

We offer a wide variety of industrial stainless steel sheets, industrial stainless steel plates, industrial stainless steel coils, industrial stainless steel strips, which are fabricated from the finest quality of raw materials. Manufactured as per the international quality and safety standards, we offer these products in different dimensions and at highly competitive prices. These products are mostly applied in the construction and engineering industries.
A.I.S.I. U.N.S. Characteristics End-Use
301 S30100 Able to attain tempers from 1⁄4 through fullhard, extra full hard by cold rolling.Withstands severe forming in annealedcondition. Kitchen sinks, Automotive wheelcovers. Toaster springs, Seat beltbuckles
303 S30300 Highest machinability rating among the300 series. Forming and welding are notrecommended. Nuts and bolts, threaded rods,Fittings.
304 S30400 Excellent corrosion resistance and suitablefor deep drawing applications when Nickelcontent is increased. Carbon content.08% max. Food Industry, Chemical Industry,Deep drawing applications, Aestheticapplication.
304L S30403 Same characteristics as 304 with a lowercarbon content .03% max. Used whenpost weld annealing is impossible. Thelower carbon content reduces carbide precipitation in the welded zone. Large fabricated equipment.
316 S31600 Molybdenum bearing alloy with betteroverall corrosion resistance than 304 and higher creep strength at elevated temperatures. Marine coastal environments, Pulpand paper industry, Chemical andpetrochemical Industry
316L S31603 Same characteristics as 316 with a lower Carbon content .03 max. Good corrosion resistance in high temperature intermittentservice. Used when post weld annealing is impossible. The lower carbon contentreduces Carbide precipitation in the welded zone. Large fabricated equipment.
317L S31703 Higher Molybdenum content than 316 forbetter corrosion resistance. Carbon content .03% max. Corrosive environments. Chemicaland petrochemical industries.
309 S30900 309S S30908 Heat resisting alloy with good corrosionresistance. High tensile and creepstrengths as well as at elevated temperatures. 309S has a lower Carbon content.03 max. Furnace parts, Baffles, Cement kilnchains. Exhaust manifold butterflyvalves.
310 S31000 310S S31008 Improved characteristics over 309 andbetter scaling resistance in intermittentelevated temperatures. Grade 310 has alow co-efficient of expansion. Furnace parts, Carburizing boxes,Heat exchangers, Oil burner parts.
Chemicals, Fats, & Fertilizers, Sugar Mills & Distilleries, Cement Industries, Ship Builders, Paper Industries, Pumps, Petrochemicals, Oil & Natural Gas Organization in terms of the specific materials, Technology, Finance & Personal.