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Connection mode of stainless steel tee

Stainless steel tees can be divided into equal diameter and reducing diameter. The size of the main pipe and nozzle end of equal diameter tees is the same, the size of the main pipe and nozzle of different diameter tees is the same, and the size of the nozzle of branch pipe is smaller than that of the main pipe.


Stainless steel tee has various connection methods, such as clamping, welding, grooving, ring pressure, etc. different connection methods can also be firmly connected to prevent pipeline looseness and water leakage.


Among them, the advantages of double clamping connection method are relatively prominent, the cost of pipe fittings is relatively low, there is no need to use open fire for installation, so as to protect the safety of the construction site, the connection of pipe fittings is firm and sealed, and the connection technology is mature and stable.

Post time: Jul-28-2022