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How to degaussing stainless steel cap by solid

Stainless steel cap will be magnetic, service life will be reduced, how to deal with stainless steel cap demagnetization 304 stainless steel cap after thermal processing, not single-phase austenite, there are a small amount of carbide. In order to obtain single-phase austenite and improve corrosion resistance, all carbides are dissolved into austenite, and then quenched by water to room temperature, that is, to obtain single-phase austenite structure. This heat treatment is solid solution treatment, which can improve the corrosion resistance of materials and soften steel. Because of its special shape, if the cooling method is improper, it may lead to insufficient solid solution or serious shape deformation, which directly affects the product quality. Specification for heat treatment of solid solution treatment of stainless steel cap;


The operation method of solid solution treatment for 304 stainless steel cap; ASME B16.9 Stainless Steel A403 Wp304L Pipe Fitting Smls Cap hang the lifting ear with a traveling crane and immerse it in water for cooling.


Heads with large diameter and openable surface. The diameter of general holes should be more than 30 mm. In order to achieve better cooling effect, several more exhaust holes can be opened. After discharging from the furnace, the horizontal position of the lifting lug is immersed in water for cooling. For large diameter and non-perforated stainless steel cap, two exhaust pipes are welded, and a seamless steel pipe with a diameter of 80mm is used. After discharging from the furnace, the head of the exhaust pipe is immersed in water by crane, but the top of the exhaust pipe is always exposed to water.

Post time: Aug-17-2022