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Why is the hardness of stainless steel socket flange low?

The data of low hardness and good toughness of stainless steel socket flange, such as low carbon steel and aluminium alloy, have low hardness and good toughness. Stainless steel socket flange is difficult to break chips during cutting, and it is easy to produce chip accumulating tumors, which affects the surface quality of processing.

Therefore, large rake angle, high speed cutting or large rake angle, low speed cutting and cutting fluid are often used to process Stainless Steel 300lbs Welding Sch80 Socket Flanges data. It can grind the chip breaking groove on the cutting tool and improve the grinding quality of cutting edge and knife face. In addition, for low carbon steel, normalizing treatment is stopped to refine grain size.

The data of high hardness and poor toughness of stainless steel socket flange, such as high carbon steel, carbon tool steel and cast iron, have high hardness and poor toughness. The cutting force produced during cutting is large, the power consumption is large, and the tool is easy to wear.

There are many kinds and specifications of stainless steel socket flange. In order to distinguish, use and manage conveniently, machine tools must be classified. Stainless steel socket flanges are mainly classified according to their processing properties and tool stops used.

Post time: Aug-10-2022